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About Gym Nerd

Mission & Vision

Our mission: To become a leader in premium quality, fitness & leisure apparel while delivering a unique customer experience.

Our vision:  To promote the quality products to our customers.

Our Journey


Gym Nerd® was founded in 2019  out of frustration of not finding quality gym apparel that fits well and most importantly, lasts.

There is no reason that a local brand cannot be as good as, or even be better than any international brand available.

Our 6 important components:

  1. Be unique and different in every possible way

  2. It must be an all-inclusive brand

  3. Manufacturing and design must be of premium quality

  4. Be a proudly South-African company

  5. Listen to the customer and their needs

  6. The customer experience must be exceptional



It took weeks to find the perfect name that resonated on a personal level but also had to be memorable and suddenly there was a light. The perfect amalgamation between hobby and profession - GYM….NERD. Not only does this have a personal meaning, but everyone is a nerd at some stage in their life. You can be a nerd and know everything, but you can also be nerd by knowing nothing, just like the first day to stepped into a gym.



Gym Nerd® launched in March 2020 with the first range of vests and the business plan of: Get stock manufactured, sell stock, replenish, and repeat. Little did we know that 3 weeks after this the whole world would be hit with a pandemic we are all too familiar with and our brand new business had to shut for months.

We quickly realised that we had to adjust everything we know and be flexible to survive. In May 2020 we supported a small local business that manufactured custom face masks but did not have the platform to sell it. For a few weeks this was our new business, and we could pull another small business through a very tough time. Shortly after the facemask hype came to an end we had to adjust again and saw a gap that we grabbed with both arms. Instead of outsourcing manufacturing, why not get a team and do it ourselves?

We quickly had to acquire knowledge of a completely new business with many lessons learned along the way and still learning new things each day. Since March 2021 Gym Nerd® has grown substantially into a successful business with incredible partnerships and its own dedicated manufacturing facility producing premium quality garments for the South African and International sector.


Gym Nerd® has been faced with countless obstacles since its launch in 2020, but perseverance, adaption and hard work has pulled this new small business through the toughest times yet and can only grow into something spectacular.

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