About my range

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I still feel like that ordinary girl with an extraordinary job that was given the opportunity to partNerd with GymNerd. 

My love for gym apparel came long before my own fitness journey started. If I’m not on camera, I can guarantee you that you’ll find me in my gym clothes – even if I didn’t gym that day. (That’s the beautiful thing about working in radio, no one really sees what you look like).

I met Rahb and Dawie when we interviewed GymNerd for Bizboost on the Flash Drive. The idea was coined on air that GymNerd will help me create my own pair of gym pants. Little did I know how fussy I would be, especially when it came to the fit and feel of the pants! Through countless meetings, going back and forth with various samples, I finally can say that I am SO proud of the gym apparel that we’ve created. Ever since receiving my own samples, I’ve only been gymming and living in my own Zoe Brown clothes!

We created a biker short that was supportive around the booty and the tummy area while you’re doing squats and lunges without the need to constantly having to pull them up. The gym pants are also the perfect length to run all your errands in afterwards, or even to meet your girlfriends for some lunch (if you want to add some heels and a blazer, by all means… go ahead!)

I’m someone that loves colour, and we have some incredible colourful options as well as a plain black set at the moment (with more fun colours in the pipeline).

I wanted to offer you something unique and this is the beautiful part of working with the team from GymNerd. They introduced me to Leigh Hawson who started acrylic pouring in 2020, and we’ve partNerd to bring you something that you’ll only find at GymNerd. Some of Leigh’s artwork as prints for my crop tops to allow you to mix and match as you please!

Thank you for joining in on this incredible journey, I hope you like the pants as much as I do. I’ve even given it to my friends to try out and this is what they had to say:

“Love the fun and bright colours”

“I’m never taking these pants off"

“Finally there’s a way to get into Zoe Brown’s pants!”