Talk about finding a diamond!


We searched for months to find a manufacturer that will meet our personal quality standards and to be honest the bar is set quite high. Unfortunately we were very disappointed in what we found at the time.

We mentioned to one of our contacts that we are planning to start Gym Nerd® but unable to find a manufacturer that will fit the brand. He immediately gave us a contact and later that day we had a meeting scheduled with them in Cape Town.

Very reserved we went to meet the team and shared our business proposal. Immediately we could see the excitement, commitment and interest and knew this was the right place to start the future of Gym Nerd® 

Developing and manufacturing this type of gym apparel was a very new concept for them, but with the correct guidance the attention to detail and quality standards were exceptional.

You can be assured that each item is quality controlled and checked before it leaves the factory.

We are very proud to be affiliated with this manufacturer as they offer the following core values:

  • Honesty

  • Correctness

  • Service

  • Belief

  • Mutual support

  • Courtesy 

They strive to help the local community by offering an in-house training program to unskilled people.  After completion they receive a certificate and start on the manufacturing floor, where they can gain experience and advance their career.

The factory gets evaluated annually by a benchmarking report compiled by B&M analysts. This ensures that they meet and adhere to International Quality Standards at all times for manufacturing international brands.