Our Journey

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Colourful Living is a Proudly South African women’s active and leisurewear brand available via top, fitness apparel group, GymNerd. Our easy-to-wear, unique designs are inspired by acrylic-poured artwork created by our founder, Leigh.  Her belief in colour as being ‘a source of healing, light and love that can change the world’, prompted her to fashion this vibrant, gorgeous range of leggings.


The healing properties of colour is an actual science and something we’re very focused on leveraging off in our designs.  We are serious about elevating your energy and we’ve chose colour as our medium to do so.

"Let every colour bring enthusiasm, energy and positive outcomes"

-Rathar Bijalwan-

Leigh's Story

We’ve all had that moment in our lives when a tiny voice plays in your head, “What are you doing with your life?Is this it? Surely, there’s more - a purpose to it all?As that charming voice grew louder and more persistent so grew my frustration with being trapped in the corporate world, that make no mistake has been good to me, but I wanted more for myself -to feel more energised, motivated…

Dr Google provided some welcome antidotes and I began to make small changes to my life focusing on mind, body and spirit, threw some more veggies into my diet, spent 10 minutes every morning breathing, moon-walking or shaking my toosh (that’s exercise right?), did an online healing course and slowly but surely I began to feel lighter and brighter, more appreciative, grateful and inspired.

One afternoon I was delving through that box of Pandora’s called Pinterest looking for some inspiration as to what I could hang on my very sparse walls and happened upon Acrylic Pouring - yes, it’s a thing, a beautiful thing! I made time in my busy day and began experimenting with colour combinations and texture, and then the magic started to happen - I could actually do this and I was good at it!


Trotting along the beach front a couple of months later, I noticed that there were so many gorgeous women wearing black tights - don’t get me wrong, black is fabulous - it’s glamourous in the right context, and hides a multitude of sins aka, wobbly bits, but I was done hiding.And boom!- a thought crossed my mind, “How about using my designs and printing them on leggings?”


And so Colourful Living was born.


Do you know that when colour is transmitted from the eye to the brain, the brain releases a hormone affecting our emotions, mind clarity and energy levels?  So basically, we react both psychologically and physiologically to colour (Effects of Colour – Renketkisi).  If you’re feeling good that positive energy radiates into your life and those around you and it causes a ripple effect that you may not be aware of - but it’s there.  


The healing properties of colour is an actual science and something we’re very focused on leveraging off in our designs.


So let’s get colourful, fabulous people and bring some much-needed magic, love, light and positivity into this world of ours.


Where Art meets Design

Welcome to a World of Colour, the first in the Colourful Living series of beautiful active-and leisure wear inspired by acrylic-poured artwork.We invite you to join us on our journey of living life in colour, which embraces wellness, healing, light, love and positive energy.

At Colourful Living we believe in creating functionally, fabulous active and leisurewear that is not only beautiful to look at but feels fantastic and wears wonderfully!


How do we do that? We use ultra, light-weight, polyester-spandex, four-way stretch fabric that is breathable and promotes comfort, motion and durability - cleverly designed to shape your tummy and waist. With the smooth, seamless, second skin feeling - trust us, when you ease into a pair you will feel sexy and confident.


So, whether you’re into Yoga, Pilates, running, dancing, gym or just want to look gorgeous then have a look at our beautiful World of Colour range.


Here’s to embracing your authentic, colourful self!


Our Purpose

Colourful Living is all about enhancing your natural beauty through colourful, original designs. We believe that colour energises your soul and the more energised you feel, the more positivity you generate. You are fabulous, and we are here to remind you of that!


We invite you to join us on our journey to help heal the world through living life in colour.