About us


Mission & Vision

Our mission: To become a leader in locally manufactured, premium quality, gym apparel and equipment while delivering a unique customer experience. Focusing on the needs for every body type.

Our vision:  To promote the quality of our local textile industry and support the local community.


A unique collaboration for a unique brand. 

What happens when you mix Mechanical Engineering, Retail and Fitness together? You end up with a  premium brand that looks at every detail.


Combined we have worked in many disciplines and have more than 25 years of experience. At the start of 2019 we finally decided to merge our separate fields and create something new and unique that requires both of our expertise.

We aimed to develop a new brand that focuses on 6 important components:

  1. Manufacturing and design must be premium quality

  2. Manufacture locally

  3. Listen to the customer and their needs

  4. Delivery must be quick

  5. The customer experience must be exceptional

  6. Be different

After weeks of planning and many late nights, we had a business plan and changed the dream of Gym Nerd® into reality. 

Gym Nerd®


In our gym/friendship community we always share experiences with training programs, diets, failures and of course clothing. Let's be honest for a second, we all reach a point where you want to show off all your hard work, yet be comfortable while training.

Most of the time a common problem arises which is that no one can find the vest, shorts or tights that fits correctly, and if you are lucky enough to find it, the item doesn't last very long.

We personally went through the same struggles, you either have to import an item at a high cost, and after waiting for weeks, hope it fits. Or you buy something locally, and most likely you had to compromise on either style or quality.

This sparked the idea of manufacturing gym apparel that will meet the following:

  • Give the people what they want from a design and fit perspective by listening to their needs.

  • Manufacture the items to be of top quality that will last.

  • Manufacture locally to ensure quick delivery and minimize shipping costs.

  • Be different, by adding a unique customer experience.

  • Be a proudly South-African company that aims to help our textile industry get back to its former glory.

  • Be a proudly Capetonian company that aims to support local businesses and community.



It took us weeks to come up with the right name as there were two problems, either the name didn't relate or something similar exists.

Due to my profession I was called a "Nerd" quite regularly, as some might take it as an insult, I always embraced it. Being a "Nerd" can indicate that you are an expert in a particular field. 

It hit me! Yes I am a nerd, but I also love to gym and constantly acquire knowledge about it.  I went home and searched what a "Gym Nerd" is and does something like this exist.  According to the Urban Dictionary it states "A gym nerd is someone that spends half of their spare time in gym and tries to mention and show that at every opportunity", but there is also the other side. The very first time you step into a gym, it is overwhelming, you have no idea what to do , what to wear or how to act and you seek some guidance....... You are a Gym Nerd


I quickly realized that whether you're the person that just started your fitness journey, have been doing it for years, or you are a professional competitor, we are all Gym Nerds and learning every day.

Gym Nerd® was born.


We live in a world where it's much more efficient and easy to order something online, sit back, relax and wait for your product to be delivered in your hands.

Although this is the way forward, we lose that personal interaction by just providing payment details and receiving our items in a plain plastic courier bag.


Gym Nerd® wanted to be different, how could we give you an experience from an online store?

One way is to "Interact" with you when you receive your package and from the first glance you should feel a personal touch.

We designed functional packaging that is unique to Gym Nerd® and first of its kind within South Africa. We strongly discourage wasting material hence your beautiful packaging can be used again. 

Your packaging that is personally assembled and addressed to YOU, will give you an opportunity to be interactive. By following 3 easy steps, the carefully designed packaging will transform into a branded hanger for your new gear. 

Not only will this help to reduce waste, but will show you that Gym Nerd® is created with the customer in mind at all times.

We hope you enjoy it!


The planning behind Gym Nerd® has been going on since January 2019, and finally we are launching this brand in the year 2020.

Starting with only vests, we need to understand what our customers want and prefer, as this is the core of our brand. All our ranges will be designed for YOU.

We will also strive to stay proudly South African and continue to manufacture locally. This will ensure that we gain trust, commitment, quality and consistency.

Hold on, because this is going to get big!